Denitra Bruer: A Bodybuilding Chemical Engineer

A West Virginia native, Denitra Bruer is an Environmental Health and Safety Improvement Manager with Dow Chemical Corporation in Freeport, Texas. Denitra earned her undergraduate degree from West Virginia University and a Master of Science degree from The Ohio State University, both in chemical engineering. Denitra’s engineering career spans over 20 years and includes positions in process engineering, project management, quality management systems, site logistics, and environmental health and safety, all with Dow.

Not only is Denitra a chemical engineer, but she also has a passion for people and fitness. She began her fitness journey as a personal trainer for Bally’s Fitness while working on her master’s degree. She is a NASM-certified Personal Trainer and Fitness Nutrition Specialist. An award-winning, professional bodybuilder, Denitra’s passion is fitness: classes, in-person and in-app training, and bodybuilding coaching.

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