Dr. Jerica Wesley

My first episode in the Women in Business Series of Fostering Solutions.

Dr. Jerica Wesley, a proud native of West Virginia, has dedicated over a decade to serving her community as a Licensed Professional Counselor. With extensive experience in both school and community settings, she has supported the mental health of youth and adults in roles such as school counselor and community mental health provider.

Dr. Wesley’s academic journey began at Marshall University and Ohio University, where she ultimately earned a doctorate in Counselor Education and Supervision. Currently, she is an Assistant Professor at Marshall University, her alma mater, where she educates students in the graduate counseling program.

Her research is particularly focused on dismantling barriers that disrupt the continuity of care for Black women experiencing reproductive loss and trauma. Dr. Wesley collaborates across disciplines to raise awareness about the high rates of infant, perinatal, and maternal mortality in West Virginia, striving to close the disparity gap affecting Black women in her state. She shares her insights and findings through local and national presentations, highlighting her innovative work on The Bioecological Model of Reproductive Loss.

Beyond her academic and research endeavors, Dr. Wesley founded Restored Wellness Life Enrichment Services, LLC. Through this practice, she aims to “restore the village” by offering consultation, continuing education, clinical supervision, culturally sensitive counseling, and doula services. Her commitment to holistic and inclusive care underscores her mission to improve mental health and reproductive outcomes for her community.

Dr. Jerica Wesley’s dedication to her profession and her community establishes her as a leading figure in the fields of mental health and reproductive justice in West Virginia.

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