Errol Randle: Law Enforcement And Community Building

Errol Randle is Dr. Foster’s guest on this episode of Fostering Solutions. A retired 25-year veteran of the Charleston (WV) Police Department, Errol is a thoughtful, passionate leader who loves his community and believes in second chances. While with the Charleston PD, Errol served as Strategic Planning Officer, FBI Gang Task Force Officer, Street Crimes Unit Detective, and Patrol Officer. As Strategic Planning Officer, he was tasked with developing and implementing 21st Century community policing strategies, developing innovative re-entry partnerships, and developing neighborhood revitalization efforts. Errol currently serves as the Community Outreach Specialist for the State of West Virginia’s Department of Military Affairs and Public Safety and the Department of Education. Additionally, he volunteers with re-entry organizations in the area. Errol is a loving father to his daughter, Kennedy, a cheerleader at Hurricane High School.

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