Matt Young: There’s a Runner in You

Matt Young, Head Coach of Genesis Running, is Dr. Foster’s guest on this episode. Dr. Foster was coached by Matt for several years and is a 10K runner. She believes that any able-bodied person can run and it’s a wonderful way to get and stay fit. The Genesis 5K Program is a great way to start your running journey. There are several classes during the year in three locations. The next one starts on September 26. Check out for more information.

In Matt’s words, “I’ve raced on roads and trails in events from 5ks to 100 miles, century bike rides, and triathlons but I don’t win races.  I’m not a superstar runner, but I’ve learned some things along the way that have helped me improve over the past 23 years and I love to share those lessons with others.   I’m a Road Runner Club of America certified coach and have been certified to teach natural running, running the way the body is made to do it.  The Genesis 5k training program started in 2007 after I watched my dad, who at the age of 64, went from barely running ¼ mile to running a 4-mile race in just nine weeks.  So I thought, if it works for him it can work for anyone.   Since 2007 we’ve had over 3500 people in the Kanawha Valley learn to run through Genesis Running.  Running is the easiest, most affordable, most portable, and most efficient exercise you can do but so many people don’t know where to start, and that’s why I’m here to help.” 

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