Maximizing with Michelle: Nakia Austin, Co-Founder of the Healing House

Co-Founder of the Healing House, Inc., Nakia Austin, is an Inspirational Speaker, Professional Counselor, and Certified Life Coach offering over 15 years of experience in strategic thinking and tactical approaches to overcoming adversity. The Healing House, Inc. is a holistic behavioral health program that serves and empowers women. They help trauma-impacted women heal and rebuild. They provide an innovative approach to healing and a fresh take on life after trauma through the highest quality of coaching, counseling, and education.

As a graduate of The Ohio State University and Marshall University Graduate College, Nakia holds two degrees and several certifications that have helped her master the art of communication and public speaking. Nakia’s extensive background spans adult education, youth services, and coaching. Nakia has spoken to audiences for nearly two decades about the importance of decision-making, critical thinking, and awareness. Her innovative technique adds a refreshing element to public speaking and engages audiences of all ages. 

As a counselor, Nakia has helped hundreds of children over a decade build coping skills and strategies to overcome difficulty and emotional hardship. Nakia has also helped women battling addiction find peace, resolve, and the courage to conquer addiction. Nakia works tirelessly to support her clients on every step of their journey. 

As a coach, Nakia has the tools to help her clients achieve their goals, recover from difficult experiences, and address current and future challenges. By utilizing proven strategic methods for overcoming life’s hurdles, Nakia’s innovative coaching technique combines cognitive theory with practical applications that get results. In addition, Nakia’s dedicated, invaluable support and responsive approach to therapy and coaching allow her to help individuals become the best versions of themselves. 

Nakia is a dedicated wife and mother, youth worker and mentor, minister, community liaison, and women’s advocate; her goal is to empower with every encounter.

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