Mountain State Maven: The Journey of Angelica Gilleran

Owner, Founder, and proud West Virginia transplant, Angelica Gilleran has called the mountain state home for over a decade. With a proven record of growth in digital marketing and brand development, Angelica’s skills stem from her belief that in order to excel we must prioritize serving others. In addition to running StrongRapport, you can catch Mrs. Gilleran aka ‘Lady Luck’ on live tv as the on-air talent for the West Virginia Lottery.

Proving that anything is possible right here in West Virginia, Angelica has worked with American Idol finalists, Vogue featured fashion designers, real (fossilized) dinosaurs, and even starred in an independent film The River of Hope, released on Amazon in 2020. In her downtime, she enjoys watching Jeopardy with her husband, planning for the future with her friends, and exploring the arts and tastes of Charleston’s downtown nightlife.

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