Tamara Rush: A Businesswoman who Champions Community Service and Advocacy

Tamara Rush, a proud alumna of West Virginia State University, has dedicated two decades to the field of social work and community service. Growing up in Washington Manor, a Charleston Housing apartment complex in Charleston, West Virginia, Tamara’s childhood environment inspired her passion for fairness, advocacy, and community service.

Tamara’s career began as a Child Protective Service Worker, playing a crucial role in ensuring the safety and well-being of vulnerable children in both West Virginia and North Carolina. After her tenure in child protective services, she transitioned to become a case manager for the Comforts of Home program, where she provided essential services for the elderly and adults with mental health diagnoses.

At EnAct Community Action, Tamara was entrusted with launching the statewide Medicaid program, Right from the Start. In this role, she supported mothers during their first year of pregnancy, offering them education, support, and baby supplies. Recognizing a broader need, Tamara secured grant funding to establish a baby pantry, providing much-needed resources to program participants. Additionally, she initiated the Mom’s Night Out event, which celebrated motherhood with prizes, meals, entertainment, and appreciation.

Tamara’s exceptional leadership and dedication led her to the role of Community Service Block Grant Director at EnAct Community Action. In this position, she guided her team in developing and implementing programs that addressed the needs of disadvantaged families across five counties. Her effective management and empathetic approach culminated in the opening of her own business, She vs Her Beauty Supply Boutique, in 2020.

Driven by a desire to provide representation in the beauty industry, Tamara meticulously planned the opening of her store over two years. Despite facing significant setbacks, her resilience and determination saw her through to the successful launch of She vs Her Beauty Supply Boutique. The boutique serves as a community hub where women can discuss everything from politics to popular culture, creating a safe space for women to be seen and heard.

Tamara’s journey did not end with her store opening. As the Executive Director of Our Future WV, she continues her advocacy for justice, healthcare, housing, civic engagement, and education in West Virginia. 

In her personal life, Tamara enjoys simple pleasures like dinner and a movie, and cherishes spending time with friends and family. Her unwavering commitment to her community and her work exemplifies her as a true champion of service and advocacy.

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