Tap unto your power grid: Keys to Leadership from Charles Patton

Dr. Foster’s guest on this episode of Fostering Solutions is Mr. Charles Patton. Born and raised in Nashville, Tennessee, Charles is an accomplished leader who has not lost the common touch. Dr. Foster remembers him from her days at the Kanawha Institute for Social Research & Action (KISRA) when he was then serving as Chief Operating Officer at the Appalachian Power Company. Instead of simply mailing a grant award check, Charles took time to tour KISRA and encourage the staff, by sharing anecdotes from his humble beginnings. He is currently the Executive Vice President, External Affairs for American Electric Power (AEP) and is based in Columbus, Ohio. In this role, Charles leads AEP’s customer services, communications, regulatory, federal public policy and corporate sustainability organizations. A publicly traded company, AEP is an electric utility that delivers electricity to more than five million customers in 11 states and provides energy services in 27 states. This conversation is chockfull of leadership wisdom from a distinguished leader.

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